Weather / Climate

Weather / Climate

Kuwait Weather Forecast for the next 48 hours


Forecast for the next 48 hours

Wednesday Thursday Friday
Evening Night Morning Afternoon Evening Night Morning
Temperature 36 °C 31 °C 35 °C 39 °C 34 °C 29 °C 34 °C
Clear. Clear. Sunny. Sunny. Clear. Clear. Sunny.
Feels Like 36 °C 29 °C 34 °C 38 °C 34 °C 28 °C 32 °C
Wind Speed 34 km/h 28 km/h 27 km/h 29 km/h 20 km/h 20 km/h 18 km/h
Wind Direction NNW
Humidity 25% 31% 24% 21% 28% 38% 27%
Dew Point 13 °C 12 °C 12 °C 13 °C 13 °C 13 °C 12 °C
Visibility 67 km 63 km 69 km 70 km 63 km 59 km 64 km
Probability of Precipitation 23% 16% 42% 35% 12% 5% 33%
* Updated Wednesday, 31 May 2017 09:22:50 Kuwait City time – Weather by CustomWeather, © 2017
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Budding Bhavanites’ Fun In The Sun

The weather is warming up, the days are longer and there’s more time to be outside, doing all kinds of things! Even though the sun is hot, it does cool things. It keeps us warm.

It makes flowers and plants grow. It even gives us vitamin D, so we can better absorb calcium into our bodies for strong bones. This is precisely why we celebrate “Fun in the sun” in Kindergarten.

The children understand the importance of sun in their lives and also the ways and means to protect them from the heat. Of course yes, with chilling and frothing lemonade to cool down! Every year, we at Bhavans, IES and Jack and Jill, celebrate the “fun in the sun” and “lemonade” day together, during the peak days of summer, shortly before the school closes down for the summer vacation.

This year, the much awaited “fun in the sun” and “lemonade” day was celebrated on the 23rd of May 2017. The children were permitted to come in cool summer clothes with their sunglasses and summer hats/caps.

They were asked to bring lemons, sugar, cup and spoon to prepare lemonade. The little ones were more than enthusiastic, when they came to school to celebrate the much awaited day. What excited them more is to show off their dresses and accessories, to their friends! A colouring activity ( LKG) and a mask ( UKG) pertaining to the day was done in the class at IES, shortly after which children were escorted to the school playground by the teachers.

Peppy music numbers were played and the children gleefully danced to the different tunes, accompanied by their teachers. Soapy bubbles were dispensed and the children fluttered around like butterflies to catch them; an enthralling sight indeed!

They were quite a few onlookers watching the children enjoy, so cute and colourful!! Later after the children were seated in their respective classrooms, the teachers prepared lemonade with the lemons and sugar brought by the children.

The little ones were served the lemonade and they savoured every drop of it. At Jack and Jill, the children had the fun experience of getting lemonade at a stall. Photographs were clicked against a colourful backdrop. And, finally the children dispersed whole heartedly, reminiscing every bit of this enjoyable day!


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Weather / Climate

Hospitals prepared for asthma cases during dusty weather


KUWAIT: The Ministry of Health (MOH) yesterday declared a state of alert in all casualty centers at public hospitals, and prepared them to receive and treat patients suffering from asthmas who might be affected by the current dusty weather. MOH stressed in a statement that minister Dr Jamal Al-Harbi had issued clear instructions to all ministry facilities to be fully prepared to deal with any possible cases. The ministry also advised both citizens and expats, namely those with asthmas or respiratory diseases to stay indoors and avoid the dust.

Food tested
Commenting on social media reports about pesticide-infected fruits and vegetable allegedly imported from some Arab states to Kuwait, Kuwait Municipality announced taking some samples from Sulaibiya market in order to have them tested in its food labs and make sure they were safe for human consumption. The results are to be announced at a later date.

Inaccurate reports
The Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor’s (MSAL) Assistant Undersecretary for Legal Affairs Abdul Aziz Shuaib stressed that the ministry was committed to executing and respecting court orders. He also criticized media reports claiming that the appeals court had annulled Siddiq Coop  Society’s board elections for manipulation, adding that the reports are inaccurate.

Great loss
Chairman of Kuwait Farmers Union Barrak Al-Sabeeh stressed that referring the Public Authority for Agricultural Affairs and Fish Resources’ (PAAFRA) Deputy Director for Fauna Affairs Faisal Al-Siddiqi to retirement is a ‘great loss’ for the entire sector because he is a rare expert in agricultural affairs with a long career and experience.

By Meshaal Al-Enezi @

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Weather / Climate

Weather Updates Kuwait -Friday to witness hot weather: expert


KUWAIT CITY, April 13, (KUNA): The temperatures during the weekend will be predominantly hot as usual for this time of the year, said the official at the Kuwait Meteorological Department Abdulaziz Al- Qarawi Thursday.

Speaking to KUNA, Al-Qarawi said that the highest temperature on Thursday reached around 37-39 degrees Celsius, adding that during evening, the temperature went down to around 23-26 degrees Celsius. Wind speed will be at 35 kilometers per hour (kph). As for the status of the sea, Al-Qarawi said that waves were light to moderate at a height of two to five feet.

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