The Dhow harbour is another famous place which you can visit when you are in Kuwait. You have the chance to admire the old sailing ship and the dhows which were utilized for pearl diving, fishing, and coastal trading in the olden days. You can also enjoy by getting on board the ship called Fateh El-kheir (that fetches good fortune). The ship is the biggest and the lone existing wooden dhow. The Dhow harbour is situated at the back of the scientific complex in the Al-Ard region.

Kuwait with its affluent record of business was especially renowned for carrying out maritime business. The ships that were used were locally known as Dhows. The pearl divers used these beautiful ships to get the finest quality pearl from the Arabian Gulf. Before the oil discovery in Kuwait, this was the major business in Kuwait.

The Dhows are of diverse kinds & types. The bigger one had more than thirty crews, whilst the lesser ones had roughly about twelve crews. The different types of Dhow which were utilized in Kuwait were Battil, Baghlah, Badari and Ghanjah.

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