Kuwait is a historical country in Western Asia. The country ranks pretty high amongst other countries that surround it and with press freedom and a liberal lifestyle this country is living proof and on its way up. There is so much beauty in this country with interesting architecture and the beautiful desert. Click here to read more about Kuwait and its lush and interesting history. This country has endured trials but seems to have made it out. Here are a few interesting facts you might not have known about Kuwait.

  • The oil reserves were discovered in Kuwait in 1934 and are one of the largest in the world, quite impressive.
  • Kuwait identifies the time period between 1946 and 1982 as the Golden Era. This is the time where this country became the most prosperous.
  • Kuwait achieved independence in 1961.
  • As the first gulf country to obtain independence and with a constitution and a parliament.
  • The currency in Kuwait is known as the Kuwaiti Dinar is the highest valued currency in the world, a great chip on the shoulder.
  • There is very little pollution in Kuwait but if you are considering moving to this prosperous country you can invest in one of the best ranked humidifiers to keep the air clear and to get the most out of your breathing experience.
  • Sheikh Abdullah Al- Salim Al- Sabah became the very first Emir of Kuwait and succession is limited to his descendants. Read more about this influential man.
  • The 15th tallest sculpted tower in the world is in Kuwait, it has 80 floors and is 414 meters tall and is called the Al Hamra Tower. It is located in the city and actually took six years to complete.
  • The main export products in Kuwait are petroleum based and fertilizers. The economy is thriving because as previously mentioned it has incredibly large oil reserves.
  • Iraq invaded Kuwait in August 1990 which created quite a stir.
  • Kuwait possesses the oldest wealth fund called the KIA and Kuwait is known as the largest Arab investor on the gulf.
  • The history of this country started as an unnamed coastal locality on the gulf before 1716.
  • Various clans from the Aniza tribe migrated from the desert where the country was later called Kuwait.
  • The name Kuwait comes from the word kut which means fort.
  • Kuwait was regularly invaded by pirates until the British intervened and made sure that the country was safe which helped with prosperity as the pirates did quite a bit of damage to the economic condition.
  • The legal system in this thriving country is mostly secular.
  • More than 60% of this influential country’s oil is exported to Asian Countries. The production of oil in Kuwait is the lowest in the world.

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