Kuwait has modern Public Transport System mainly controlled by Govt. Owned KPTC and two Private companies named CITY BUS and KGL.
Minimum fare charge is 0.200 Fils and maximum is 0.250 Fills. Bues are widely used by Expats due to its cheap fares.
From – To Route No

Sharq to Amghara

Maliya, Sabha Hospitals,  Un Circle, Amghara 11
Mirqab to Khaitan  Maliya, Old airport road, City Center and Lulu center,  13
Mirqab to Messila Ras Salmiyah) 14
Maliya to Salmiya Maliya, Darwasa, Indian Embassy 15
Maliya to Khaitan   Maliya, Embassies, Hawalli, Khaitan Station,Abbasiya 16
Sharq to Salmiya     Airport road, Faiha, Hawalli) 17
Mirqab to Riggae      Maliya, Hawalli, Shuwaikh Hospitals, Riggae Station) 18
Sharq to Jleeb          Kheitan 20
Mirqab to Jleeb       Maliya, old Airport road, farwaniya,  Abbassiya, Jleeb) 21
Sharq to Jleeb          Darwasa, Maliya, 3rd ring road, Jleeb Co-operative) 22
Mirqab to Khaitan  King Faisal  Road 23
Mirqab to Salmiya  Hawalli 24
Jabriya to Jahara    Hawalli, Jahra Gate 25
Sharq to Sulaibiya Anndalus 26
Mirqab to Jleeb Shuwaikh 29
Sharq to Khaitan Shamiyah 31
Sharq to Jabriya Nuzha 32
Sharq to Salmiya     Riggae, Hospitals, Farwaniya, Khaitan, PACI, Salwa, Salmiya) 34
Salmiya to Jleeb      Abbassiya, Farwaniya, Khaitan, PACI,Hawalli 36
Jahra to Messilah Bayan 38
Sharq to Khaitan     Mirqab, Airport Road, Ardiya, Hasawi, farwaniya, Hospitals 39
Sharq to Fahaheel Al Rai, Farwaniya, Sabhan 40
UNCircle to Khaitan Al Rai 41
Mirqab to Jleeb      Abbassiya, Crown plaza, Lulu and city center, Maliya  51
Maliya to Salmiya Sharq, Embassy, Hawalli, Salmiya ) 55
Mirqab to Jleeb      Hasawi, Al-Rai, Shuwaikh,Maliya 59
Salmiya to Jleeb     Hawalli, Farwaniya, Hasawi 66
Salmiya to Khaitan Hawalli, Shuwaikh, old and new khaitan 77
Salmiya to Jleeb    Abbasiya, ghazali, Shuwaikh, Hawalli ) 88
Jleeb to Civil ID Office Hasawi, Shuwaikh, Khaitan , PACI or CIvil Id office 99
Mirqab to Fahaheel  Sabha Salem 101
Maliya to Fahaheel  Embassy, Fahaheel Road 102
Mirqab to Jahara    maliya, Hospitals, UN Circle, Amghara 103
Fahaheel to Jleeb Mangaf, Shuwaikh 105
Jleeb to Fahaheel  Abbassiya, Farwaniya, PACI, fintas, Abu Halifa, Mangaf 106
Jahara to Fahaheel UN Circle 139
Mirqab to Airport   Maliya, Farwaniya, Crown Plaza 501
Fahaheel to Mirqab Fahaheel Road 502
Jleeb to Jahra           Maliya, Sharq, Embassy, Hawalli, Farwaniya, Hasawi 506
Sharq to Jleeb           Maliya, shuwaikh, Al-Rai, Abbassiya 507
Fahaheel to Ahmadi Ahmadi 602
Fahaheel to Jahara  
Maliya, Sharq, Embassy, Hawalli, Farwaniya, Hasawi

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