The Kuwait American School prepares students for college and life by inspiring achievement, integrity, confidence, and compassion in an academic community dedicated to nurturing mind, body, and soul. We seek to educate the whole child towards the highest level of human consciousness.

The concept of the student friendly school based on values was created by its Director, Mrs. Wajeeha Al Habib in the Spring of 1999. After adaptation of the buildings, the school first opened its doors in September 1999 with 108 students. By September 2000, a new building had been constructed to accommodate a growing school population.

Our school is known for its pioneering approach to values based learning. KAS is the first school in the Gulf that has adapted a Living Values approach as well as a unique Etiquette program.

The school contributed to Education for All in 2000 and, in the same year, was invited to offer its 33 quality based learning indicators to UNESCO as a blueprint for early childhood education.

In recent years, its innovative approach has been widely recognized in Kuwait and its noble goal is fully supported by the Minister of Education. The school is particularly interested in a holistic approach to education and embraces the changes to learning brought about by the advances in emotional intelligence and learning styles. The school is a learning school and seeks to harness human potential to the highest levels of consciousness. The school believes in action research to support its goals. The school also enjoys very active links with KACE – The Kuwait American Centre of Education. The school established the Kuwait Values Institute in 2004.

KAS is growing into its next phase of development with established plans to grow into High School.

The school enjoys the support of the Kuwait Community and regularly shares its expertise at exhibitions and at professional development courses.


Kindergarten Curriculum
The KG curriculum is centered on thematic units. These units will involve the children in various learning experiences in all of the subject areas.

The basic skills of reading, writing, speaking, math, science, art, music, Arabic/religion and physical education are taught through an integrated curriculum approach. The children will be immersed in language each and everyday. They will also be encouraged to use and further develop their language skills through shared reading experiences, story dictations, journal writing (kg 2), story time, and center time.

We use meaningful learning experiences with real objects through a hands-on activity approach. Teachers and Assistants serve as facilitators to learning.

The teachers in KG inspire questioning observation and experiencing in all the subject areas. The focus is on the process involved in each skill rather than the produced product.

Admissions Procedure

Kuwait American School offers admission to both Kuwaiti and International students. Successful completion of the school’s admission requirements is required. You may start the admission process by completing the school application form (download) and to submitting it with the below documents:

3 recent photographs of the student(passport size)
Birth Certificate with copy
Civil Identification with copy
Guardian’s Civil ID with copy
Father’s Nationality ( Kuwaitis ) with copy
Father’s Passport and residency ( Non Kuwaitis ) with copy
Grades for the last two school years with copy
100 KD registration fee is required with the application.

Contact the school to set up an appointment for an interview and a standard assessment test, which is required for all grade level admissions.

After Acceptance students transferring from other schools must bring from previous school:

Transfer Certificate
Clearance Certificate
Health Records

Students transferring from schools abroad must bring:

A Final Report Card of the current year. The report must be stamped by the Kuwaiti Embassy from their country and by the Ministry of Private Education of Kuwait.

*The BCG Card and the fitness Card can be obtained from the School Health Department in your area.

*Once the KAS Application Form has been completed, please note the following:

Parents should verify that all the information stated on the application form is correct.
Parents need to submit all required school documents in a timely manner.
Parents are required to pay tuition fees on or before the due date.
A Non-Refundable 100 KD fee is to be submitted with the application. If the student does not pass the assessment test, the application will be rejected and the registration fees refunded, after a deduction of 15 KD in assessment fees.
** Newly registered students are assessed on a continuous basis to ensure their prolonged success at KAS.


For The Academic Year 2017 – 2018

 Grade Level

Annual Tuition

Registration Fee

1st Installment
23rd August, 2017

2nd  Installment
1st November, 2017

3rd  Installment
1st March, 2018

Pre – Kg

KD 1538

KD 100

KD 700

KD 400

KD 338

KG 1

KD 1756

KD 100

KD 800

KD 500

KD 356

KG 2

KD 1953

KD 100

KD 900

KD 550

KD 403

GR. 01 – 04

KD 2935

KD 100

KD 1100

KD 1000

KD 735

GR. 05 – 08

KD 3130

KD 100

KD 1200

KD 1050

KD 780

High School GR. 9-12

KD 3486

KD 100

KD 1300

KD 1150

KD 936

* KD 100 (Non Refundable) is to be paid on the date of registration.
* Family discount is 5 % of total fees for 2nd child or more.
* A student who withdraws after attending even one day during the first quarter will have to pay the full tuition fees of the 1st installment.
*A student who withdraws after 1st November, 2017 will have to pay the full tuition fees of the 1st and the 2nd installment.
* A student who withdraws after 1st March, 2018 will have to pay the full tuition of the whole year.

*KD 350 yearly fees for Salmiya area only.
*KD 400 yearly fees for other areas

*Summer Uniform: KD 25
*P.E. Summer Uniform: KD 15

* Winter Uniform: KD 35
* P.E. Winter Uniform: KD 20

Contact Details

Kuwait American School
Kuwait American School
PO Box: 5150
Phone: +965 2572 0920
Fax: +965 2573 6670
Belagat Street, Block 3, Street 3
Salmiya, Kuwait


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