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Kuwait Public Transport Company
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Under the wise leadership and management of a national practitioner Kuwait Public Transport Company was established under Emiri Decree No. (60) 1962. The total number of employees stood out according to the latest statistics for the year 2016 (4,207) employees including specialists in the operational, administrative and financial systems. All of them are performing their duties through a harmonic team characterized by a complete understanding between all members. This explains the unprecedented quality of services provided by the KPTC team. One of the outputs came from this quality performance was that KPTC earned the international quality certificate of ISO 9001. This prompts us to exert all possible efforts to develop our methods in order for the company to remain on top by its positive steps that instantly meet the real needs of the public and market requirements .

The willpower, the well-organized administration, the huge potentials and capabilities are all standing behind fulfilling the company’s objectives. For this purpose, KPTC has specified a group of “administrative-assisting departments” including financial and management systems. The company’s operations are submitted to regular checking and inspection for the purpose of enhancing the operational level by applying the quality measures and setting up comprehensive training programs and plansا

KPTC has been established for the following clear purposes:
– Executing all land public transportation services within and outside the state of Kuwait as well as the maritime transportation service to transport the peoples and goods between Kuwaiti islands.
– Purchasing, utilizing and selling all types of omnibuses as well as any means related to the land or maritime public transportation.
– Creating any industry related to the land and maritime public transportation.
– Renting, to and from others, any transportation mean that is necessary for land and maritime public transportation


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